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Unseen Scars is a truly unique and powerful film, one which highlights the issues faced by returning veterans and those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Written, and directed, by Carl Mackenzie, Unseen Scars is completing post production. 

The story follows veteran, James, who on his return from service, has difficulty adapting back to civilian life.  On the face of it, James appears to have it all – having made it home alive and uninjured, he has a job lined up and his loving wife, Sarah, can finally stop her worrying as they plan for their future together.  

The reality, however, is that James is struggling - with the world now very different in James’ eyes, he tries to hide his PTSD from those around him, including Sarah.

With cracks beginning to appear in their marriage and James struggling to find his place in the world, James turns to drink.  Following a late-night drink-driving incident, James is forced to admit his problems and seek help from psychologist, Dr Simon Kirby. 

Kirby is also facing demons of his own, but through their sessions together, Kirby tries to give James the help he so desperately needs.  With the horrors of the past affecting James more and more with each passing day, will Kirby be able to stop James going down an even darker path?

​What makes Unseen Scars an extremely unique film is that it will intercut the story throughout with real-world narration of the drama.  The film’s sharp and impactful script, combined with this ground-breaking style will create a completely unique viewing experience and will give a full 360 insight into the issues surrounding PTSD and the struggles that so many people face on a daily basis.

The production company behind the film, Choice Point Productions, is more than just a production company and it plans to make Unseen Scars more than just a film.

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