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Unseen Scars has created an exciting investment opportunity, which has the potential for extremely impressive returns for investors, together with many additional benefits

If you are interested in being part of this amazing journey and would like to find out more, 

please contact us here


Once the initial investment is returned, the investors will enjoy a 15% premium and high return on potential profits of 45% of all net revenue (pro-rata, based on their initial investment in the investor pool).  

Short and Long Term Gains

Since investors receive first priority, the time period for when they could see possible returns is relatively short.

Upon the film’s distribution and as soon as revenue is collected, investors will begin to see their returns. For as long as the film makes money, so will the investors. 

Priority on Returns 

We are committed to protecting the investors and giving them FIRST PRIORITY in terms of payment and receiving their original investment, before any of the production team.

Helping Veterans

The film is also being made in association with registered charity, Combat Stress, which offers support to former members of the British Armed Forces who are suffering from a range of mental health conditions.  

With a proportion of net profits going to Combat Stress, investors in Unseen Scars will be directly helping to support veterans who are suffering with PTSD.

Additional Benefits

There are many additional benefits to investing in Unseen Scars, including being credited on the film and having the opportunity to get closer to the action on set while we are filming.  

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