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Carl Mackenzie

Carl Mackenzie is a writer, producer and director who is recognised for his determination and passion in the film industry.

He is best known for writing, producing and directing ‘The Interrogation of Olivia Donovan’. The film was screened in a special showcase at BAFTA 195 and was aired as part of the Short Film Show on Showcase TV, where it was awarded Best Fiction/Drama. It was also awarded the Jury Special Mention for Outstanding UK Film at Manchester Film Festival in 2017 . 

Unseen Scars has a very personal connection for Carl, having seen first-hand the issues that affect those suffering from PTSD and the fallout for their loved ones.

Carl is a member of Directors UK and is also the CEO and founder of Chelmsford Film Festival.

Check out Carl's previous credits on IMDB.

Alexa Waugh

Alexa Waugh is an experienced Producer and Line Producer, recognised for her knowledge and steadfast determination to see a project through from start to finish. 

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Alexa began her career in television working as a Production Manager on innovative 4K action and adventure programmes including ‘Running the World’, long running series ‘The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies’ and ‘Nazi Megastructures’. 

In 2017, Alexa moved into producing and line producing independent films. Following her work on mental health drama ‘Hi-Lo Jo’, Alexa went on to produce action horror ‘The Ascent’ and Alberto Sciamma’s comedy ‘I Love My Mum’ starring Kierston Wareing. 

More recently, Alexa line produced Kirsty Bells’ directorial debut ‘A Bird Flew In’ starring Derek Jacobi, Jeff Fahey and Sadie Frost, and she produced Marley Morrison’s ‘Sweetheart’ starring Nell Barlow and Jo Hartley and suspense thriller ‘Lead Heads’ starring Tom Felton and Rupert Everett. 

Check out Alexa's previous credits on IMDB.

Dr Kasia Wilk

Dr Kasia Wilk is a Chartered Psychologist, Transformation Coach, and Founder of Choice Point Productions. 

​Kasia created Choice Point Productions after witnessing the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack in 2017.  She set out on a mission of showcasing the power of choice through film.

​In 2019, Kasia began developing Choice Point’s debut feature film Unseen Scars.  For this, Kasia wanted to focus on the specific theme of PTSD and the struggles veterans go through in returning to civilian life, while creating an extremely unique and commercially successful film. Like its production company, Kasia aims to make Unseen Scars more than just a film. 


She is thrilled to be creating this film alongside a powerful production team and cast, while also giving a platform for veterans to share their own unique stories. 

Find out more about Choice Point Productions here.

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is an experienced producer having been involved in the financing, sales and distribution of feature films for over thirty years. Gareth joined HandMade Films as an in-house lawyer in 1984, before becoming head of their film and international sales division, and subsequently becoming Managing Director of sales agents Alibi Films International. 


Gareth has financed, sold international rights to and distributed more than one hundred independent feature films including ‘Withnail and I’, ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’.  He also pre-bought foreign sales rights in Sundance winner ‘Secretary’, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal.  


In 2002, he joined Winchester Films as Head of UK Film Production and Financing to coordinate their existing UK film activities from development and production, to international sales and finance.  


Since departing Winchester, Gareth has established his own film consultancy and distribution business.

Check out Gareth's previous credits on IMDB.

Alexandra Druce

Alex Druce is an experienced business professional, specialising in the legal sector. She is known for her positive attitude in tackling large ambitious projects.  Following her recent studies in digital marketing, Alex was the perfect fit to take charge of Unseen Scars' online marketing and social media strategy.

Alex has always had a passion for film and cinema and in 2016, she wrote her short film treatment 'On Your Person', which was shortlisted for Channel 4’s Random Acts short film competition of the same year. In 2017, Alex crossed paths with Carl (our writer and director) while she was volunteering at Manchester Film Festival and they started talking about ways they could work with each other in the future.  


Alex is proud to be a member of the Unseen Scars team and can’t wait for this unique and powerful production to come to fruition.

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